Piping Design Engineering

Piping Design Engineering

Pipe Design Engineering is an important department in various streams of engineering, like Mechanical, Chemical, Petroleum and Production Engineering. Pipes and its associate equipments are account for 25% of total investments in the chemical, pharmaceutical, power plants, LPG / CNG Plant, Distribution System, oil and petrochemical plants. So Piping Design Engineering plays a vital role in plant Design and its Construction

Course Duration

Course Mode Duration
Piping Design Engineering Regular 50 Days
Piping Design Engineering Weekend (sat-sun) 3.5 Months
Piping Design Engineering Only Sundays 4.5 Months


● B.Tech/BE in Mechanical/Chemical

● Diploma in Mechanical/Chemical

● Master in Mechanical/Chemical

Piping layouts & Piping ISO Metric

● Equipment lists

● Piping line lists

● Piping Plan Development

● Preparing Piping Layout Drawings by Placing Instruments, valves etc.

Pipe Hydraulic & sizing

● Flow rate, velocity, pipe sizing calculations

● Reynolds Number-Laminar / turbulent flow

● Darcy weisbach & hazen William equations

● Pressure drop calculations, NPSH calculations

Equipments Used in Process Plant

● Classification of Supports

● Anchors, Pipe Guides, Limit Stops, Pipe Shoe

● Dummy Leg / Trunion

● Field Support /Base Support

● Rigid Hangers Variable & Constant

● Pipe Rack Design Types, Height & Width Calculations

● Pipe Arrangements

Codes & Standards

● Major organization code like ASME,DIN,BIS,JISC,SCC etc.

● Different Design of piping in codes like ASME B 31.3 OR ASME B 31.1 etc.

● Different Standard like ASTM,ANSI,API,BS,MSS-SP etc.

Plot plan preparation & requirement Insulation & heat tracing

● Insulation

● Preparing an Insulation Specification

● Data required to prepare Insulation Specification

● Heat Tracing

Basic of stress Analysis Pipe Supports

● Anchors

● Guinea

● Shoe Support

● Spring Langer

● Sway Braces

● Snubbed

● Clevis hanger

● U-Clamp

Course Content

● Role of piping engineer

● Overall costing of piping, Equipments and man hours cost

● Basic Engineering Package

● Process Flow diagram

● P & ID

● Line List

● Equipment list

● Process Date Sheet

● Instrument Process Data Sheet

● Special material list

Pipe & Pipe Fittings

● Dimension Standard of pipe

● Pipe thickness calculation under internal & external pressure

● Elbows

● Tee

● U-Bends

● Reducer

● Coupling

● Special Fittings

● Flange Types & Flange Selection

Piping Material Specification

● Selection of Material

Estimation & costing of pipe

Document Required

● Degree certificate

● CV / Resume

● 2 passport size photographs

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