Mechanical Equipment Design

Mechanical Equipment Design

This course deals with the fundamentals of Mechanical Equipment. Mechanical Equipment is considered to be any major component in a mechanical system such as a refinery, refrigeration system, HVAC system, power plant, marine system etc. The primary focus of this course is on piping systems, turbo machinery, heat exchangers, and miscellaneous equipments such as boilers,pressure vessels and storage tanks.This course in beneficial for the people who want to or are involved in involved in oil and gas projects, concerned with issues of design,fabrication, construction and quality control of mechanical equipment (pressure vessels, heat exchangers, etc.).

Course Duration

Course Mode Duration
Mechanical Equipment Design Regular 50 Days
Mechanical Equipment Design Weekend (sat-sun) 3.5 Months
Mechanical Equipment Design Only Sundays 4.5 Months

Certificate Award

Mechanical Equipment Design

Course Content

Course Detail

● Concept of EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction)

● Overview of Oil & Gas Industry

● Role of static Equipment Design Engineer in various Fields

● Overview of PFD, P&Id, Mechanical Data Sheet & Fabrication Drawing

● Relevant Codes and Standards used in Industry

● Introduction to various type of equipments used in Process Equipments

        - Pressure Vessels

        - Distillation Columns

        - Reactors

        - Heat Exchanger

Career opportunities

● Oil & Gas

● Refinery

● Power plants


● Energy (Wind & Solar)

● Petrochemical plants

● Onshore & Offshore platforms

● Transmission & Substation

● Switchgear & Panel

● Pulp and paper plants

● Fertilizer plants

● Office buildings

● Pharmaceutical plants

● Synthetic fuel Plants

● Food and beverage plants

● Synthetic fuel plants

● Water treatment facilities

● Environmental waste disposal

Job Profile includes

● Mechanical Equipment Designer

● Mechanical Equipment Design Engineer

● Design Engineer

● Mechanical Draftsman

● Static Equipment Designer

● Rotary Equipment Designer

● Personnel from EPC companies

● Power Plant Equipment Designers

● Process Plant Equipment Design Engineers

● Petrochemical Plant Equipment Designers & Engineers

● Pharmaceutical Plants Equipment Engineers

● Project Engineers

● Personnel providing CAD support for plant design and engineering

● Fertilizer Plants Equipment Design Engineers

● Personnel involved in instrumentation and control equipment of process plants

● Pulp and Paper Plants Engineers

● Consulting Engineers

● Plant Operations and Maintenance Personnel

Entry Requirement

Four year undergraduate degree into Mechanical Engineering,or experience Diploma Engineers of a satisfactory standard and deemed suitable preparation for entry to the program by the selection committee.

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