Electrical Design Engineering

Electrical Design Engineering

In Baroda Design Institute Pvt. Ltd. no formal studies are providing to the students in electrical design. Due to lack of awareness, student will not get skilled on electrical design systems. But there is huge demand of Electrical Design Engineers in many segments like design, manufacture and installation of power and distribution systems, Sub-stations Design, commercial and Domestic interior lighting, selection of protective device, CCTV System Design, design of security system, design of fire alarm systems, design of low current systems and Sound Systems design.

Course Duration

Course Mode Duration
Electrical Design Engineering Regular 50 Days
Electrical Design Engineering Weekend (sat-sun) 3.5 Months
Electrical Design Engineering Only Sundays 4.5 Months


● B.Tech/BE in Mechanical/Chemical

● Diploma in Mechanical/Chemical

● Master in Mechanical/Chemical

Course Content

Basic of Electrical Engineering

● Single phase system and poly-phase system and their importance

● Power Generation, Transmission, distribution and utilization.

Coordination with Other Disciplines

● Process Engineers

● Mechanical Engineers

● Civil Engineers

● Instrument Engineers

Coordination with Other Disciplines

● Preparation Of Load Schedule

● Determination of power Supply Capacity

● Standby Capacity consideration

● Ration of Generators in Relation to Prime Movers- Importance of max and min temp.

● Rating of motors in Relation to their Driven Machines

Hazardous Area Classification and Selection of Equipments

● Zone/Division Classification

● Types of Protection for hazardous Areas

● Hazardous Source List Preparation

● Certification of Hazardous Area Equipment

● Marketing of Equipment

● Hazardous Area Drawings/Layout Preparation

System Studies and Calculation

● Short Circuit Analysis (Fault Calculations and Stability Studies)

● Load Flow Analysis

● Motor Starting Study

● Harmonics Study

● Relay Coordination Study

Cable Routing

● Cable routing layout

● Cable tagging

● Installation details

Electrical Equipment / System Specifications

● Transformer

● Diesel Generator

● HV/MV Switchgears

● LV Switchgears

● HV/LV Capacitor Bank


● Battery


● Control cables

● Illumination

● Earthing & Lightening Protection

● Page Party System

● CCTV System

● Telephone System

● PA/GA System

● Radio System

● Live Projects & Interviews

Equipment Sizing, Selection, Protection, Specification, data-sheet, vendor data review and testing

● Emergency Generator

● Transformer

● Motor

● Neutral Grounding Resistor

● Power capacitor banks

● HV/MV Switchgears

● LV Switchgears

● HV/MV/LV Capacitor Bank

● DC Battery & Battery charger




● Power Reactor

● Busduct

● Instrument Transformer

Cable Selection and Sizing

● Power and Control Cable introduction

● Cable Selection

● Cable sizing for low voltage system

● Cable sizing for high voltage system

● Voltage Drop Consideration

● Earth Faulty loop impedance consideration

● Cable interconnection schedule

● Selection and sizing of cable tray

● Cable tray Schedule

● Cable Drum Schedule

● Conduit Selection

● Conduit Sizing

Illumination Design

● Introduction

● Type of Lighting fixtures

● Selection of lighting fixtures

● Preparation of fixture schedule

● Indoor illumination calculation

● Outdoor illumination calculation

● Calculation of Software

● Lighting layout design

● Lighting installation detail

● Small power selection

● Lighting board schedule

Development of Single Line Diagram

● Key SLD

● Detail SLD

● lighting system SLD

● Small Power SLD

● Metering and Control Diagram

● Outdoor illumination calculation

● Calculation of Software

● Lighting layout design

● Lighting installation detail

● Small power selection

● Lighting board schedule

Earting & Lightening Protection Design

● Requirement of Earthing in Industrial Plants

● Earting Design calculations

● Earting installation details

● Earting layout design

● Lightening Protection requirement

● Lightening Protection calculation

● Lightening installation details

● Lightening layout design

Control Schematics

● Introduction

● Block Diagram

● Typical Schematics for Motor feeder

● Typical Schematics for Power feeder

● Typical Schematics for Transformer feeder

Substation/Switchyard design

● Introduction

● Type of sub-stations

● General arrangement of substation

● Equipment layout

Document Required

● Degree certificate

● CV / Resume

● 2 passport size photographs

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